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ZOYET waste liquid treatment related solutions 

  What is the waste liquid in the laboratory?
  1. All kinds of strong acids, strong bases and organic solutions produced in the process of experimental operation;
  2. The waste liquid produced when cleaning various experimental utensils and equipment (various glass containers, injection bottles, sample preparation equipment, etc.);
  3. Waste liquid produced by equipment cooling devices (such as various distillation cooling devices, instrument cooling devices, etc.).

Principles of waste liquid treatment

  1. High concentration of waste acid, waste lye to neutralize to neutral discharge. High concentration organic solvents containing a small amount of tested substances and other reagents should be recycled.
  2. High concentration waste liquids used for recovery should be stored centrally for recovery; For low-concentration discharge after treatment, storage containers and storage conditions should be determined according to the nature of waste liquid. Different waste liquid is generally not allowed to mix, and it should be kept away from light and heat source to avoid adverse chemical reactions.
  3. Waste liquid storage containers must be labeled, indicating the type and storage time, etc.

ZOYET waste liquid treatment related solutions 




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