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ZOYET Office security storage series overview

Office series secure storage solution                                                                                                                                                     The ZOYET Office series is designed to protect the “important”.All kinds of paper materials (contracts, archives, calligraphy and painting, etc.), electronic data storage equipment (disk, film, audio tape, etc.).These will all be protected at ZOYET Official. 1.MAGNETIC PROOF DATA CABINET Magnetic proof performance: once 7,000 gauss super magnetic fi eld is applied to cabinet wall, the inside magnetic strength is less than 4 gauss.

Anti-magnetic cabinet drawer track certified by SGS, anti-seismic structure, hidden door hinge design

The cabinet body is made of cold-rolled steel plate, epoxy resin electrostatic spraying; Anti-magnetic treatment dust and rust

Suitable for the storage of important magnetic media files such as: Disk, tape, microfilm, film, tape, videotape and U disk, VCD/DVD, removable disk, resist from the outside of the magnetic field, moisture and dust invasion, effectively prevent data from fading, mildew, corrosion and qualitative change. 2.MAGNETIC PROOF HUMID PROOF CABINET ZOYET anti-magnetic moisture-proof cabinet is equipped with a dehumidification module on the basis of the anti-magnetic cabinet, so that the cabinet can be used in the environment with high humidity. Using moisture-proof box technology, used for all kinds of precious metal materials, semiconductor devices and sensitive devices anti-oxidation preservation. Digital frequency output port, strong versatility, easy replacement, high accuracy.
  • Humidity control movement: shell plastic, temperature resistance of more than 300 degrees, molecular sieve, double memory alloy spring, to ensure the durability of the movement and fatigue resistance, with environmental protection, energy saving, silent, no dripping and other properties.
  • Correction function: In order to better meet the needs of customers, the self-correction function of temperature and humidity is added to the display screen, so that it is convenient and fast.
  • 7000 Gauss anti-magnetic certification (7000 Gauss strong magnetic field is applied outside the cabinet, the magnetic induction intensity inside the cabinet is less than 4 Gauss)
  • Fire Research Institute of Ministry of Public Security, National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for Fixed Fire Extinguishing System and Refractory Components
  •  Comply with JIS (S 1037-1989) industrial standard
  • Cabinet body is made of cold rolled steel plate, epoxy resin electrostatic spraying. Cabinet thickness ≥ 1.0mm, chassis plate thickness ≥ 1.5mm
  • Drawer type structure with automatic locking system, interlocking device
  •  Inside is the standard size, can be placed F4 adjustable folder

Implement double lock management, strengthen the management of all kinds of paper documents and electronic data storage equipment, to ensure the confidentiality of data. Such as: Paper documents: archives, vouchers, contracts, calligraphy and painting, stocks, bonds, etc. Magnetic media equipment: disk, magnetic tape, microfilm, film, audio tape, video tape, U disk, removable disk, etc.



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