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ZOYET 12 Gallon Lab Pp Cabinet Chemical Safety Storage Acid Cabinet

ZOYET 12 Gallon Lab Pp Cabinet Chemical Safety Storage Acid Cabinet

  • External Size : 890*590*460 (H*W*D)mm
  • Volume : 12Gallon/45L
  • Material: Corrosion-resistant Polypropylene(PP) Panels
  • Adjustable PP shelf (pcs): 1 pc
  • Description:Strong acid and corrosive resistance,high temperature resistance,moisture resistance,long service life, PP sheets are tested by SGS .

ZOYET 12 Gallon Lab Pp Cabinet Chemical Safety Storage Acid Cabinet

Material : PP has more than ten years of sevice life.

Performance:strong acid and strong alkali strorage cabinet which is designed especially for strong corrosive chemicals strorage and leakage, with strong acid, alkali,salt and other strong corrosive properties. The application of chemical substances with strong crrosiveness (such as sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, KOH, NaOH and other chemicals)

ZOYET strorage cabinet can be managed organized and classified to store chemicals with different properties and risk grades to reduce the risk of disaster.

The features if the ZOYET cabinet:

1. Equipped with PP leak proof tray, can be taken out separately, easy to clean. 2.Used to store strong corrosive chemicals, such as sulfuric acid, nitric acid, acetic acid etc. to protect cabinet operator and people around. 3. The door can be customized to the left door or right door as required. 4. Corrosive chemical mark is easy to recognize.


MODLE ZYTP0004 ZYP0012  ZYTP0026 ZYTP0030 ZYTP0045 ZYTP0060 ZYTP0090
H*W*D/mm 560*430*430 890*590*460 900*910*600 1120*1090*460 1650*1090*460 1650*860*860 1650*1090*860
Capacity Gal/Ltr 4/15 12/45 26/100 30/114 45/170 60/227 90/340
Shelves /pcs 1 1 1 1 2 2 2
Loading capacity/ kg 25 30 35 40 40 40 40
Door type single-door single-door double-door double-door double-door double-door double-door


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