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PP acid & corrosive storage cabinet

PP acid & corrosive storage cabinet

  • MODEL: H*W*D mm
  • 560*430*430、890*590*460、900*910*600
  • 1120*1090*460、1650*1090*460
  • 1650*860*860、1650*1090*860
  • Description:Widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, laboratory and other fields.

PP acid & corrosive storage cabinet

Use for sort and storage of corrosive chemicals Features: ◆ Internationally recognized PP boards (polypropylene) are used to form the cabinet by seamless welding engineering. ◆Equipped with leakage-proof adjustable shelves, which could be detached out to be cleaned. ◆To improve operational safety, padlock could be used to provide extra protection. ◆Used to store strong corrosive chemicals, such as sulfuric acid, nitric acid, acetic acid etc. to protect cabinet operator and people around.


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