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Portable Eyewash

Portable Eyewash

  • MODEL: H7500、H7501
  • Capacity: 16gallon、8gallon
  • Description:This product can be used in field of Petroleum,Chemical, Laboratory,Medical Treatment etc., and flushing the chemistry liquid sputtered eye and face rapidly, reduce the level of injury to the minimum.
Product Detail: Portable Eyewash Model: H7500, 16 gallon capacity portable eyewash. Model: H7501, 8 gallon capacity portable eyewash. Main Performance: ◆ Material: Polyester, pro-environment and safety ◆ Capacity: The reserve is 30L(8 gallon), workable is 20L availably, ensure flushing for 15 minutes. ◆ Water injection hole: Wide water injection hole and apt to inject water,have dust cover. ◆ Color: Pro-environment green, aesthetic and striking. ◆ Water flow: Due to change diameter on the water hole, so more bonhomie and enrich , water yield is not lower than 1.5L/minute.
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