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PE Spill Containment Decks and Pallets

PE Spill Containment Decks and Pallets

  • Spill Deck: L*W*H mm
  • 670*670*150、1320*680*150、1320*1300*150
  • Spill Pallet: L*W*H mm
  • 1320*680*300、1320*1300*300
  • Description:
Product Detail Effectively prevention of oil, acid and alkaline solution. Help to keep the storage environment of oily and chemical drums clean, to effectively prevent and control possible liquid splashes, spills or pollution of spilled liquids. Complies with the regulations of EPA 40 CFR 264.175 of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the regulations of Spill Prevention and Control Act (SPCC) as well as U.S. NPDES. Features: ◆Using the injection molding process, ensure to have strong durability and firm structure. Thicker side border and central heavy duty structure can firmly carry fully-loaded oil drums, chemical barrels and other storage containers and equipment. ◆Prevent and control small spill and drips. Lower profile make chemical barrels closer to the ground and facilitate the loading, accessing and subdividing operations. A hexagonal drain hole helps to drain the liquid and avoid wasting. Most liquids are recyclable. ◆Polyethylene(HDPE) material, anti-UV, anti-rust, anti-corrosion, suitable for most chemicals ◆Anti-skid gratings, it will not rupture at full load, and the gratings are removable, easy for rapid treatment of liquid spill. ◆Help to keep ground dry, avoid slipping, falling accidents and the environment clean, ensure orderly storage and leakage prevention of oil drums and chemical barrels.
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