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New Product!Biochemical Trash Can

Biochemical Trash Can : [Self-closing barrel cover ] Suitable for temporary placement of most hazardous chemical solid wastes, solvents, discarded wiping materials, fragments and other materials to prevent spontaneous combustion, can be used independently or with chemical treatment bags . [ polyethylene material] biochemical garbage can impact resistance, overall rust resistance, can resist the corrosion of most chemicals.

◆ Passed the [CE] standard, used to store most of the hazardous chemical solid waste, can be used independently or with anti-chemical garbage bags.

◆ [Pedal opening cover] Pedal control, it can automatically close the cover, free hands in work, and open the cover under the state of force.


◆ When the garbage can is closed, the contents in the bucket can be isolated from the fire source to prevent spontaneous combustion and eliminate the hidden danger of spontaneous combustion.


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