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Mobile Sump Tray For 60/200 Litre Drums

Mobile Sump Tray For 60/200 Litre Drums

  • MODEL: L*W*H mm
  • 800*800*615/1115、800*500*415/1080
  • 1200*800*510/1115、1800*800*530/1115
  • 800*500*415/1080、1200*800*510/1115
  • Description:Safe and economical efficiency filing and storage in transportation
Product Details Features: ◆Constructed with sheet steel, painted or hot dip galvanized. ◆Mobile zinc plated grate, Max. load 1000 kg/m². ◆Zinc coated drum stand is optional, for horizontal storage and filling. ◆Fastener tape is optional. ◆Sump tray is constructed with 3mm Sheet steel, surface painted or hot dip galvanized with handle.
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