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Magnetic Proof Humid Proof Cabinet – ZYM Series

Magnetic Proof Humid Proof Cabinet – ZYM Series

  • MODEL: H*W*D mm
  • 1520*700*500、1800*700*500
  • Drawers Dimensions: H*W*D mm
  • 150*524*309
  • Description:Our de-humidifying units are approved by UL, ROHS, CE, CED, EMC-LVD, Taiwan PPS, Shanghai Metrology Testing, anti-static testing report, 32 global patents.
Product Detail Approvals Magnetic-proof humid-proof performance: once 7,000 gauss super magnetic field is applied to cabinet wall, the inside magnetic strength is less than 4 gauss. It was tested and approved by Jiangsu provincial testing facility. Stored material Important magnetic medium archived such as magnetic disk, magnetic tape, micro disk, film, recorded audio visual data as well as U disk, VCD/DVD, mobile disk etc. Valued metal material, semi-conductor and sensitive items etc. Core humidity Control Processor Z-Dry Global Leading De-humidifying Technology Humidity control range: 20~50% RH adjustable Global leading de-humidifying factors: micro-computer programmed de-humidifying principle, reaching stable humidity control status, with minor fluctuation. Complete humid control system: Digitalized LED display: 1, 3- digit highly visible LED displayer, circulative display of temperature, humidity, with US made chip humidity sensor; 2, Humidity display range: 1%RH~99%RH, tolerance ±3%RH. 3, Temperature display range: -40℃ ~85℃ degree Celsius, tolerance ±1℃ . 4, Of decimal accuracy. Modulized de-humidifying unit includes: 1, Safe server: internationally recognized de-humidifying server of premium PPS grade plastics, heat resistance of 260 degree Celsius (Taiwan R&D based) make it well protected from melting due to voltage flush heating, to ensure the product eligibly resist heated transformation or melting, of which domestic server was never up over 80 degree Celsius . 2, De-humidify system: water evaporation balancing principle, plus state-of-art combination “European humid suction Material+shape memory alloy +IC micro-computer control” as circulative humid suction, achieving humid control stable, humid return proof, noise proof, water dropping proof etc. Working endurance is up to 10 years above (normal use condition), without accessories replacement. CE approved.
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