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Intelligent safety cabinet

Intelligent safety cabinet

  • MODEL: H*W*D mm
  • 1280*1090*460、1810*1090*460
  • 1810*860*860、1810*1090*860
  • 1840*900*510、1960*900*510
  • Description:Widely used in schools, chemical industry, laboratory, scientific research institutions and other places

Intelligent safety cabinet

Professional storage solutions for various items which need temperature control and security protection. PRODUCT FEATURES ◆ The cabinet is made of CRS with long working life and good fire resistance capacity. ◆ Double locking system (Digital lock+ Key lock) to enhance the management security. ◆  The cabinet inner is with white PP board and an adjustable air inlet at the side bottom. ◆ Stepped PP shelves with vent holes. ◆ Ventilation systems on top of the cabinet. The intelligent safety cabinet is designed to effectively store and manage massive medicines and specimens. With good corrosive resistance capacity. Model: ZYC0060E series The caster models are easy to move and much convenient in storing and taking chemicals in work sites to improve the work efficiency.
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