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Gas cylinder storage cage

Gas cylinder storage cage

  • MODEL: H*W*D mm
  • 889*787*762、1651*787*762
  • 1651*787*762、1651*1524*762
  • 1651*1524*762、1651*1524*762
  • Description:Widely used in factories, laboratories and warehouses and other places of liquefied gas cylinders and compressed cylinders Reasonable, standardized, durable, secure storage.

Gas cylinder storage cage

Applicated in storage of liquefied gas cylinders and compressed gas cylinders. PRODUCT FEATURES ◆The side of the cabinet, the back and the door made by the metal mesh, keep the internal ventilation and objects visibility. ◆The vertical cylinder is equipped with a length adjustable chain that keeps the tank in suitable place. ◆There are flammable warning signs on the door, heavy hinges prevent the door sagging, have hanging lock buckle (without padlock), the magnet makes the door closed when unlocked. ◆ Compliant with OSHA and NFPA standards ◆ Durable safe yellow epoxy electrostatic spray, finished product shipments. Accessory: Explosion lock Artical No.: 212040
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