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Fire trash can, do the real protection

As we all know, garbage litter everywhere in our daily life, in addition to living garbage is more of a hazardous waste, such as manufacturing industry, many school laboratory is involved in a lot of waste, waste and dangerous chemicals are flammable, explosive, toxic, corrosive, high temperature and high pressure operation, the characteristics of complex production process, fire and explosion accident easily affected by any carelessness. So the waste must be put in place so that it can be recycled later, so where should the waste be placed? In combination with the situation, many new products — fire dustbins are introduced to solve the problem of temporary storage and disposal of waste products, and prevent the leakage of dangerous chemicals to reduce safety hazards. The royal fire trash can prevent fire risk, fire trash barrel body whole adopts high quality galvanized steel structure, spraying epoxy resin coating, both internal and external wall can collect oil (flammable solvents, linseed oil and other flammable liquids) varnished cloth and cloth, opening Angle is bigger, products comply with OSHA standards, barrel body color to red, is more eye-catching warning role.

Main features of the fire dustbin:

• the whole body adopts high quality galvanized steel structure, and the internal and external walls are sprayed with epoxy resin coating to enhance the service life and apply to all kinds of strong chemicals

• all the fire dustbins are designed with handle and easy to carry

• at the bottom of the barrel, pedal switch control is adopted to free both hands and open the Angle

• the structure of the cylinder and the raised bottom of the barrel make the air flow along the barrel body, which helps to heat the bucket interior, prevent moisture, and avoid rust

• self-closing barrel lid design, without external force, automatically under complete shutdown, the external oxygen supply, so that combustion cannot continue

The royal fire trash can is widely used in industrial manufacturing production lines, workshop office, lab, canteen, front desk and other places, compared with general trash can, the royal fire trash can play a more secure protection, to prevent dangerous accidents, so the imperial called on all involved to the business of hazardous waste must attention to the problem of the temporary storage place.

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