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Fire Resistant Safes (FRS) – ZYD Series

Fire Resistant Safes (FRS) – ZYD Series

  • Small fire resistant safe: H*W*D mm
  • 304*400*330、334*486*350、486*344*393、576*460*525、613*512*530、693*512*550、743*612*575、843*612*575
  • Standard resistant safe: H*W*D mm
  • 943*612*575、1143*612*575、1180*690*635、1300*690*635、1500*755*635、1600*755*635、1300*1090*715、1660*1090*715
  • Description:We introduced most advanced leading fire resistant engineering techniques into Fire Resistant Safes, of which fire resistant performance was strictly tested under JIS standard, under 2 hours continuou
Product Detail Features: The Fire Resistant Safes (FRS) are made of seamless-welded double layer galvanized sheet steel, of robust endurance. Surface processing is done with international leading electrostatic epoxy spraying, making cabinet surface neatly smooth and more endurable in corrosive environment. The FRS is equipped with advanced fire resistant efficient combination lock. Please do not left the lock Key inside the cabinet in case of unnecessary troubles. Mechanical Key Lock or electronic combination lock imported from Germany is optionally available as per client’s needs, on which we supervise the quality of each lock. 3-point interactive lock adopts Golden Vault Door technology, featuring triple protections with locking bolts highly temperature resistant and endurable in harsh environment, ensuring cabinet’s long term use without troubles. Door hinges are forged by special steel of resistant to exterior force pressure, making the door opening angle over 90 degree freely, extending the life endurance of hinges thus being friendly to user’s hands operation.
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