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Congratulations ! ZOYETwon the global dangerous chemical safety storage products industry only one access to the network enterprise!

On September 23, the launching ceremony and seminar of “China Health and Safety Protection Product Quality Verification Traceability Public Service Platform” sponsored by China Textile Business Association was held in Wuxi High-tech Zone. The first batch of enterprises in line with China’s safety and health protection product quality verification traceability public service platform access qualifications of 20 enterprises, Shanghai Zhongyu Industrial Co., Ltd. successfully won the global hazardous chemical safety storage products industry only one access to the network.   Platform by trace, regulation, data display center, system composition, with a yard, for products of raw materials, production, warehousing, logistics, transportation, market supervision and sales data collection and tracking, build brand, so the only mapping can be done to the query, traceability, recall management, regulatory data system; Further protect consumer interests and corporate image. Since its inception, the ZOYET has provided the education industry, medical industry, pharmaceutical industry, laboratory and scientific research institutions with fire safety cabinet, anti-leakage tray, outdoor waste temporary storage cabinet, explosion-proof warehouse and other safe storage products, for the safety of dangerous chemicals to provide a strong guarantee for the society!              


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