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Chemical waste temporary storage cabinet

Chemical waste temporary storage cabinet

  • MODEL: ZYCCX4000-1/2800*6000*2300(H*W*D)mm
  • MODEL: ZYCCX4000-2/2800*9000*2300(H*W*D)mm
  • MODEL: ZYCCX4000-3/2800*12000*2300(H*W*D)mm
  • Door type: 1 double door
  • Description:Suitable for temporary storage all kinds of toxic and hazardous laboratory wastes; Apply in schools, medical, chemical, scientific research and other places where have hazardous chemicals or waste.

Chemical waste temporary storage cabinet


The full series products have CE certificate and Europe explosion-proof certificate(EN 60079).

We provide professional solutions for the outdoor storage of hazardous chemicals.


Selected spill containment system which have liquid leakage prevention function. Equipped with variety systems according to the requirements: ◇Outside: fire extinguishing system、emergency medical system、access control system and anti leakage system; ◇Inside: fire fighting system、pressure relief system、temperature and humidity control system、lighting system、ventilation system and explosion proof control system; ◇Lightning protection system and electrostatic treatment system.




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