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All the ZOYET intelligent linkage ecological platform

Intelligent, real-time and visual control of hazardous chemicals is an inevitable trend.


I. Crowd-protection intelligent linkage ecological platform

To achieve visual management of dangerous chemicals, only a mobile phone/a computer is needed.

ZOYET intelligent linkage ecological platform, a variety of efficient alarm mechanisms, the first time to control the safety data, real-time upload to the cloud, to achieve 24-hour security guarantee.

    ZOYET integrates various sensors and acquisition devices such as alarms, sensors and cameras through artificial intelligence, cloud computing and other technologies, forming an intelligent linkage ecological platform centering on ZOYET outdoor chemical temporary storage cabinet to achieve multidimensional control, automation and data intelligence.   II. to achieve 24-hour real-time monitoring 24 hours intelligent real-time monitoring, to achieve the whole life cycle management of all materials from purchase to scrap or use up.     III. Advantages of intelligent linkage ecological platform     The intelligent linkage ecological platform enables every safety manager to carry out unified, safety and compliance management of all kinds of storage equipment, first aid equipment and fire fighting equipment through a mobile phone/a computer. No longer need many personnel on duty, greatly saving labor costs, and real-time monitoring can be efficient and convenient for the first time to control equipment information, the first time to start the emergency system, greatly improving the safety performance.


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