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2022 Maximum cylinder management regulations

2022 Maximum cylinder management regulations

1.The rules of gas cylinder storage .
Empty and solid gas cylinders should be stored separately, in-use and spare gas cylinders should be stored separately, and anti-dumping measures should be set up. Combustible gas cylinders and combustion-supporting gas cylinders are not allowed to be placed in the same stock.
2.What is the safe distance of gas cylinder?
5 meters, a safe distance between acetylene and oxygen cylinders
3.How often should gas cylinders be tested?
-Gas cylinders containing corrosive gases should be inspected every two years -Cylinders containing ordinary gases should be tested every three years -Cylinders containing inter gas should be inspected every five years -Cryogenic adiabatic cylinders should be tested every three years
4.Why do gas cylinders have dumping prevention measures ?
-Dumping will cause the cylinder valve to drop running air, and the cylinder will rush forward or spin around the ground due to the huge reaction force of running air. If there are people nearby, people will be injured. If it was flammable gas it would have exploded, much worse!
5.Oxygen, acetylene bottle why should be divided open?
-Acetylene is flammable and oxygen is combustive. If acetylene leaks, acetylene mixes with air and explodes violently when it meets a spark or an open flame. The explosion destroys the oxygen cylinder and releases oxygen. In this way, the combustivenicity of oxygen makes the explosion more violent. Out of control. So the two of them can’t be together.
6.Why the bottle temperature should not be exposed to the sun?
-Acetylene cylinder temperature shall not exceed 40 degrees, acetone boiling point 58 degrees, the higher the temperature acetone volatile faster, acetylene precipitation, so that the pressure in the bottle increased sharply.
7.Why do acetylene bottles not collide?
-Collision will cause the fragmentation of activated carbon, expansion space increases, acetylene gas gathered, and in a high pressure state, there is the risk of explosion; At the same time, when the temperature rises, the gaseous acetylene polymerizes and explodes.
8.Why can’t gas cylinders be mixed?
-When gas cylinders are filled with other gases, violent explosion accidents will occur and the consequences are very serious.

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