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250L Austrialian standard flammable safety cabinet

250L Austrialian standard flammable safety cabinet

  • External Size : 1825*1100*500 (H*W*D)mm
  • Capacity : 250L
  • Color : Yellow
  • Adjustable steel shelf (pcs): 3 pcs
  • Description:This flammable safety cabinet has been designed to safely accommodate up to 250 liters of Class 3 flammable liquids and to capture and prevent any accidental spills.
250L Austrialian standard flammable safety cabinet The ZOYET range of Indoor Safety Cabinets provides Safe Storage for most classes of Dangerous Goods, they are designed and manufactured to comply with all of the relevant Australian Standards. Refer to the respective Standards for further specifications and conditions of use.
  1. General Stucture : Dual Vents with built in flash arresters. Made from double wall 1.2mm galvanized steel sheet. 150mm Deep Liquid Tight Sump for containment of leakage or spills. Static Earthing Connection and earth wire to avoid risks due to static electricity. Cabinets come with all required signage attached. 3 adjustable leveling feet for prevent door binding.
  2. Shelves : Perforated Shelves provide free air movement within the cabinet, Made from high strength zinc coated steel, Shelves with build in troughs to contain spills and provide added strength. Fully Adjustable, 75mm shelving increments for all cabinets. All shelves are pre-fitted to cabinets and additional shelves are available if required.
  3. Doors : Recessed handle with key lock to eliminate potential damage from heavy knocks. Keyed Alike, 2 keys supplied with each cabinet, ( cabinets with locking handles only ) 3 point self latching door mechanism for a fault free latching action.
  4. Self Closing Doors : All two door cabinets incorporate  self-closing door action, providing hands free closing and ensure doors close into the correct sequence. Hydraulic Door Closures with speed control adjustment for a gentle closing action. Stainless Steel Continuous piano hinges for strength and reliability.
  5. Dimension:
    Model H*W*D (mm) capacity (L) shelves ( pcs) Door type
    ZYC-15L 560*430*430 15 1 signle door
    ZYC-30L 770*510*460 30 1 signle door
    ZYC-60L 1065*510*460 60 2 signle door
    ZYC-100L 770*935*620 100 1 double door
    ZYC-160L 1295*1100*500 160 2 double door
    ZYC-250L 1825*1100*500 250 3 double door


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