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160L Australian standard flammable safety cabinet

160L Australian standard flammable safety cabinet

  • External Size : 1295*1100*500 (H*W*D)mm
  • Capacity : 160L
  • Color : Yellow
  • Adjustable steel shelf (pcs): 2 pcs
  • Description:
160L Australian standard flammable safety cabinet
  1.  Walls, floor, door and roof to be of double-walled sheet steel construction.
  2. There must be a gap of at least 40mm between the walls to limit heat getting inside the cabinet.
  3. The cabinet bottom must form a liquid-tight compound at least 150mm deep to contain spills. The design must prevent the compound from being used as a storage area.
  4. Shelves must be perforated for free air movement, and be capable of supporting the maximum possible load.
  5.  Doors must be self-closing, close-fitting and held shut automatically by catches at two or more points.
  6.  Critical components must not melt at temperatures less than 850 degrees C.
  7. Any provision for venting must not compromise the integrity of the cabinet.
  8.  Each cabinet must be marked with the name and address of the manufacturer , its maximum capacity, a 250mm Class 3 dangerous goods label, and a “NO SMOKING, NO IGNITION SOURCES WITHIN 3m” sign.
  • Dimension:
    Model H*W*D mm capacity L shelves pcs Door type
    ZYC-15L 560*430*430 15 1 signle door
    ZYC-30L 770*510*460 30 1 signle door
    ZYC-60L 1065*510*460 60 2 signle door
    ZYC-100L 770*935*620 100 1 double door
    ZYC-160L 1295*1100*500 160 2 double door
    ZYC-250L 1825*1100*500 250 3 double door


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